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Discover bold and dynamic flavours in our selection of full-bodied wine. This collection features full bodied red wine and white wine from the winelists of Michelin-starred restaurants from across the globe. Full bodied wine provides a more generous mouthfeel due to a higher level of viscosity, making them the perfect choice for richer foods. Join our wine club today to gain more expert advice, as well as a monthly selection of wine handselected for you by one of our expert Winecroft sommeliers.

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2017 Belhara Estate Gran Corte

2017 Belhara Estate Gran Corte

Mendoza | Argentina Full-Bodied

£23.00 now, and £23.00 on the 15th of each month
2018 L`Expressió del Priorat

2019 L`Expressió del Priorat

Cataluña | Spain Full-Bodied

£26.00 now, and £26.00 on the 15th of each month
2018 G.D. Vajra Langhe Nebbiolo

2019 G.D. Vajra Langhe Nebbiolo

Piemonte | Italy Full-Bodied

£30.00 now, and £30.00 on the 15th of each month
2015 Dewaldt Heyns Shiraz ‘Weathered Hands’

2015 Dewaldt Heyns Shiraz ‘Weathered Hands’

Swartland | South Africa Full-Bodied

£31.00 now, and £31.00 on the 15th of each month and a £31.00 sign-up fee

2013 Vesevo Ensis Taurasi

Campania | Italy Full-Bodied

£34.00 now, and £34.00 on the 15th of each month

2017 Corino Barolo La Morra

Piemonte | Italy Full-Bodied

£48.00 now, and £48.00 on the 15th of each month


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Winecroft Style Meter


Wine Style Meter


Our ongoing quest at Winecroft is to do away with winespeak so we can talk clearly about the wine. One of the ways we achieve this is by using our Wine Style Meter, a key tool to match you with new wines we believe that you’ll love. We do this by matching the style of each wine on our list to your personal taste profile, which is established with the science-based Winecroft taste test and will evolve as you taste new wines.

The needle on the Wine Style Meter points you towards the following wines:

Once you settle the needle on the style of wine you like, our Wine Style Meter is a quick, clear and simple way of gauging whether you’ll like a particular wine from our wonderful winelist.


Wines each month

Each month we will recommend 4 superb new wines to try, individually matched to your latest taste profile. As a new Winecroft member, you will receive these 4 wines, delivered to your door.  In subsequent months, you will have full control over the wines you receive. You may find your wine preferences evolve over time, you would prefer more red than white, or you decide last month’s recommended wines weren’t quite right for you. In which case, you can update your taste profile and change or add to the recommended wines each month. And if you enjoyed one of the bottles so much, you can always order more.  You may, on the other hand, find you are just too busy to think about it, in which case you can opt to receive the wines hand-picked for your profile.

The one thing that won’t change is that our members will always be drinking top-end wines that are on wine lists of the world’s best restaurants, for typically less than a third of the price.

(Quick note – for new members who have just made your first order, when you look at your order details you will see next month’s recommendation.  Initially, this will contain the same wines as your first order but don’t worry, the Winecroft team will be working behind the scenes to quickly update this with 4 great new recommended wines based on your profile.)

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