About Winecroft

“Where do you even begin….!?”

…asked my friend, Jonny. We’ve been friends for a long time and regularly meet up at a local London restaurant. He always insisted on looking at the wine list first because he really likes good wine and naturally assumed he could find us something new to try. He never could. We always ended up with something we had drunk before, an Aussie Shiraz or a Rioja.

That’s because the wine lists of top restaurants tend to be written by wine specialists for wine specialists. The mark-ups are huge and those of us who haven’t trained as a sommelier really don’t stand a chance of finding a top wine, that hits the spot, at a reasonable price.

The Big Idea…

…came after a few glasses of Rioja when Jonny said, “You know a bit about wine and something about business. Why don’t you put the two together and do something about it?” He seemed to make perfect sense at the time. So I did.

After a few years of learning a lot more about wine and getting some wine qualifications, I felt I knew enough to wade into the world that is a mystery to so many of us.

Winecroft is the result.

It’s primarily a wine club that helps people like Jonny and me, who really like great wine but feel their choices are limited by a lack of serious wine knowledge. And that is exactly what we aim to change, with a little expert help and a scientifically-based taste test.

Winecroft sets out to enter the ranking of top rated wine clubs and wine subscription boxes in an accessible way; for busy people who want to understand how to find the wines that they will love the most. Through our wine club, you will develop the confidence to enjoy your passion.  Explore new flavours and identify your favourites, while paying only a fraction of the cost to bring the best wines to your table.

Think of it as your personal sommelier who will find you stunning fine wines to try from the wine lists of the best restaurants in the world, based on your personal taste preferences and at affordable prices.

Andrew Marshall

Winecroft Founder


Is it the club for you?…….