Christmas wine thoughts

Published on December 21, 2020
Christmas calls for special wines, maybe even more so in 2020 after the year we have had.

We may not be having many (any?) special lunches or dinners at our favourite restaurants this Christmas, but we can still enjoy some great bottles at home.  We can do so feeling a little smug since we will be paying typically less than a third of the price we would be paying for the same bottle at a top restaurant.  Alternatively, we can enjoy a bottle that we could never justify choosing from a restaurant wine list because of the prohibitive cost!

Winecroft has a special festive selection of wines chosen from the wine lists of top-notch Michelin-starred restaurants that you can enjoy at home at a fraction of the restaurant price.

As a valued Winecroft member, we have selected a December wine box to really hit the spot for you for the Christmas period and also, don’t forget, if you need (or rather want) an extra bottle or two (or six!) you can add any from the Winecroft wine list via the website.

Keep drinking better wine!

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