Little Calvary

Published on July 2, 2019

There’s a story behind every bottle on the Winecroft wine list. This one begins in the medieval village of Soave in the Veneto in north east Italy.  Here for over a century, the Pieropan family has revolutionized winemaking, becoming one of the most acclaimed Italian wine families.  In 1971, Nino Pieropan made a bold experiment by bottling the 1971 vintage from the Calvarino vineyard (purchased by his grandfather in 1901) as a single vineyard Soave Classico. This was at a time when most Soave was being sold was in two litre bottles as jug wine.  The name derives from the “Little Calvary” referring to the difficulties of working the land and the tortuously winding path to the bottom.

You can try the 2016 Pieropan Calvarino from the Winecroft club winelist or it can be found on the winelists of a number of great restaurants including 2 Veneti, the top Venetian specialist in Marylebone, London.


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