Winecroft FAQs

Published on November 14, 2019

Winecroft members are part of one of the best wine clubs in UK and Europe and have access to a selection of fantastic fine wines from the best restaurant wine lists in the world.  Not only are they able to explore fine wines that are served in top Michelin starred restaurants for a fraction of the price, they also gain a valuable understanding of the best wines from around the world, enabling them to discover new flavours and favourites, whilst developing the ability to skilfully select from restaurant wine lists.

Each month, the Winecroft team recommends 4 superb new wines for each member to try from the Winecroft Club List, individually matched to the member’s tastes.  These will be delivered to their door at home or work.

That all sounds great many potential members have said when they hear this, but they’ve got a couple of questions that need answering before they join up….

The following is the top 5 FAQs (frequently asked questions) received to date:

  1. How does Winecroft know the type of wine I will like?
  2. Do I have control over the number and type of wines I receive each month?
  3. The wines on the Winecroft Club List are all over £20 per bottle. Why is that?
  4. How are wines selected for the Winecroft Club List?
  5. Which Michelin-starred restaurants serve the wines on the Winecroft Club List?

Answers to these questions and others will be published in upcoming blog posts!

If you have additional questions contact us.

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