Winecroft launched!

Published on May 3, 2018

Winecroft – the new wine subscription club, offering the wines of Michelin starred restaurants at a fraction of the price, has been launched

Winecroft is a new subscription service that is set to disrupt the world of wine in the UK and Europe by delivering a personalised selection of bottles, taken from the lists of Michelin starred restaurants, at a fraction of the price. It will be aimed firmly at those who love drinking fine wine and want to explore better wine but who, like most people, simply don’t have the time or the specialist knowledge to do so.

New members will take a scientifically-based taste test that uncovers their true wine preferences. This will allow Winecroft’s wine specialists to recommend a bespoke selection of new wines to try. Members choose the number of bottles and their wine arrives complete with straightforward tasting notes, free from pretentious wine-speak. Not only will members get to explore new wines and find new favourites, they will also gain valuable knowledge to help them get the best out of restaurant wine lists.

“It’s a service to help busy people, who love wine, but whose choices are limited by a lack of serious wine knowledge. Think of it as a personal sommelier who will find you stunning new wines to try, based on your particular taste preferences and at sensible prices.”

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