2017 Kalfu Sumpai Syrah

Leyda Valley Chile


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An award-winning, cool-climate Syrah from the Chilean coast

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    All about the cool Pacific coast.

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    Black Pepper Black Pepper

    Lavender Lavender

    Red Plum Red Plum

    Redcurrant Redcurrant

    Thyme Thyme

    Violet Violet

    Chile has 2,700 miles of coastline along the Pacific Ocean and produces wines that are pure, fruity and herbaceous.  Kalfu wines all about the cool coastline.  Kalfu means “Blue” in Mapudungun, the language of the aboriginal Mapuche people of the region and Sumpai are mythological Mapuche beings, half-human and half fish.  According to legends, their mission is to care for rivers, lakes and oceans.  Nobody has ever seen them!

    The Kalfu Sumpai Syrah is a wonderful example of cool-climate style Syrah.  It is produced from vineyards in the Leyda Valley, situated just 7 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean and close to the Maipo River, the three terraces face directly towards the coast and are subject to the cooling influence of the sea breezes and morning fog.  The wine is a deep violet red, has herbal notes of lavender and thyme, complemented by soft aromas of violets and red berries.  It has crisp acidity and great freshness.


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    This cool-climate Syrah is perfect with grilled lamb or spicy pasta dishes.


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