2018 Karl Johner Pinot Noir

Baden Germany


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A wonderful silky German Pinot  – a great alternative to red Burgundy


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    Silky and round

    Grape Variety

    Pinot Noir







    Winecroft Style Meter
    Flavour Characteristics

    Black Cherry Black Cherry

    Black Plum Black Plum

    Earth Earth

    Herbs Herbs

    Red Cherry Red Cherry

    Redcurrant Redcurrant

    Savoury Savoury

    Smoke Smoke

    Although it is the world’s third-biggest producer of Pinot Noir, Germany may not spring to mind when choosing a bottle. But German Pinots or Spätburgunders as the grape is known as there, now compete with the world’s best.  Baden is the home of German Pinot Noir due to its warm climate and high number of sunshine hours.

    Karl Johner Pinot Noir is made in the Burgundian style – the focus at Johner is on wines full of structure but with purity and elegance and it is considered one of the best wine estates in southern Germany.  The vineyards cover some 17 hectares in Bischoffingen and surrounding areas.

    On the nose there are lots of fresh red berries, herbal hints and spice from the oak.  On the palate it is silky and savoury with wonderful black cherry and red summer berry flavours.


    How to serve it


    Pairs well with

    Roast chicken. Rack of lamb, served pink. Rare fillet steak and carpaccio. Beef Wellington. Roast pork with herbs.  Mushroom risotto. Lobster


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