2019 Artisan Heideboden Weiß, Chardonnay-Grauburgunder

Burgenland Austria


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This delicious Austrian white is a great alternative to white Burgundy


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    Wonderful alternative to White Burgundy

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    Winecroft Style Meter
    Flavour Characteristics

    Apple Apple

    Brioche Brioche

    Lemon Lemon

    Mango Mango

    Peach Peach

    Burgenland lies on the Hungarian border in the far east of Austria.  Here hot, dry summers and cold winters, together with the temperature-regulating influence of the Neusiedlersee lake, bring about long ripening periods.  The region has just over 13,000 hectares and produces delicious white, red and sweet wine.  Wines from this region make you realise Austria is so much more than Grüner Veltliner.

    Artisan Wines is a small and ambitious producer in Halbturn and is run by Franz Schneider and Ulrike Schmid. The village of Halbturn is just east of the lake Neusiedlersee and only 2 kilometres from the Hungarian border.

    The Artisan Heideboden Weiß is a blend of Chardonnay and Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), with a short-ageing in old, large oak barrels. It has flavours of tropical fruit such as mango and also ripe apples on the nose and palate, and has good body and intensity. Refreshing acidity with a dry finish.



    How to serve it

    Lightly Chilled

    Pairs well with

    Lighter meats and fish – chicken, sea bass, halibut, cod, scallops. Great with raw fish and sushi.  Works very well with delicately creamy sauces.


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