2019 Maison Geraldine Louise Givry Blanc ‘Champ Pourot’

Burgundy France


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A great white Burgundy from Givry in the Côte Chalonnaise.


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    A Lovely Burgundian Chardonnay

    Grape Variety

    100% Chardonnay







    Winecroft Style Meter
    Flavour Characteristics

    Honey Honey

    Lemon Lemon

    Lime Lime

    Nutty Nutty

    Peach Peach

    Wines from Côte Chalonnaise, in the south of the famous Burgundy wine region, have traditionally been drunk by the French.  Red Pinot Noir and white Chardonnay are ready to drink earlier and are much better value than those from the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune, to the north.  Located close to  Givry, in Côte Chalonnaise, Geraldine Lochet makes beautiful wines at Maison Geraldine Louise.  She started the winery in 2016 after undertaking 10 harvests in the Côte Chalonnaise at Château Cary Potet in Buxy, where she learned the skills that she now applies to her winemaking today.

    The Givry Blanc ‘Champ Pourot’ is bright and pale gold. It has aromas of honey, nuts, peach and lemon.  In the mouth, it is delicate, with a great balance between fruit and acidity and a lovely long finish.

    How to serve it

    Lightly Chilled

    Pairs well with

    White Fish, Salmon, Buttery Chicken.


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