2015 Boulevard Napoléon `L’Angely` Carignan

Languedoc France


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A perfect expression of the underrated Carignan grape from the warm southwest of France



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    A very classy Carignan

    Grape Variety

    100% Carignan







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    Flavour Characteristics

    Red Plum Red Plum

    Redcurrant Redcurrant

    Rosemary Rosemary

    Sweet spices Sweet spices

    Wet Stones Wet Stones

    Named after the street the winery is located in, in the village of La Livinière, Minervois in south western France.  Boulevard Napoléon is the partnership between restaurant owner Trevor Gulliver (St. John, Putney Bridge, Fire Station in Waterloo) and winemaker Benjamin Darnault.

    Carignan was the single most common vine variety planted in the world’s most important wine producer, France until it was overtaken by Merlot at the end of the 20th century. Old-vine Carignan grapes, fully ripened on infertile soils in the warm summers of southwestern France produce by far the best Carignan wine and Boulevard Napoléon `L’Angely` Carignan is a fantastic example of what the underrated variety Carignan is all about when planted in the correct spot and handled with care.

    Dark translucent ruby red.  The nose, after a good aeration, expresses candied red fruits and spices.  The mouth is round and full and the finish is intense with a touch of mocha and chalky mineral flavours.  A very classy Carignan.


    How to serve it


    Pairs well with

    Duck breast or game dishes in rich sauces.  Red meats.  Chocolate tart.


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