2017 Cape Chamonix Greywacke Pinotage

Franschhoek South Africa


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A high quality example of a wine made from the iconic grape of South Africa

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    Big, brooding with a sweet finish

    Grape Variety








    Winecroft Style Meter
    Flavour Characteristics

    Blackberry Blackberry

    Chocolate Chocolate

    Coffee Coffee

    Cooked Red Plum Cooked Red Plum

    Dried Banana Dried Banana

    Liquorice Liquorice

    Red Cherry Red Cherry

    Redcurrant Redcurrant

    Sweet spices Sweet spices

    The Franschhoek region of South Africa, a near neighbour of Stellenbosch, may be small but it has a heavy French influence and a big reputation for producing some of the finest wines in the country.  Cool breezes in the hot summer months moderate growing conditions to produce ripe but balanced wines.

    The Cape Chamonix Wine Farm, situated high above the fertile Franschhoek valley has a long history, once forming part of the historic Huguenot Estate which dates back to 1688. Over the past two decades Chamonix has stormed onto the world stage as a top-notch winery. The farm employs a number of sustainable practices in the production of elegant old world-style Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc as well as the iconic South African speciality, Pinotage.  This red variety was developed by scientist Abraham Perold, in South Africa, in 1924, as a cross between Cinsaut and Pinot Noir.  Pinotage wines are dense in colour and big and bold in character, unlike its progenitors.  It was an unloved grape variety for many years due to it being a tricky grape to make high quality wine. Over the last 15 years however, top producers have focused on reducing crop yields and have used careful winemaking techniques to manage this unique grape variety.

    The Cape Chamonix Greywacke Pinotage is an top quality example. The name Greywacke comes from the type of soil found in the Pinotage vineyard.  The nose is complex with scents recalling black and red berries, spice and cherries. On the palate the wine is full bodied with rich dark chocolate with fruit flavours, and a long and lingering finish that reveals a sweetness reminiscent of liquorice.



    How to serve it


    Pairs well with

    Think rustic Pinot Noir – dishes like pulled pork and smoked duck for example. The Cinsault heritage gives it a compatibility with Mediterranean ingredients like peppers and aubergines, rustic French bistro dishes and baked pasta dishes like lasagne. It’s also good to serve with a pizza, particularly one with a meaty topping.


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